7 Low Budget Filmmaking Tips that Filmmakers Should Know

Plenty of opportunities have opened up for independent filmmakers ever since video sharing sites have been developed. Now it is relatively easy to get your film out in the open and have an audience just by uploading your film to one of these websites. Low budget films can achieve success with the help of the internet. Getting your movie recognized with the help of the internet is called ‘viral marketing’. But how do you get your low budget film to go viral? Here are some tips that you should know about filmmaking.


  1. Have a good story


A good story is everything. People love to watch a film with a good story. The budget doesn’t matter to the audience as long as the story is good. To achieve that, you should first have a specific goal for the characters. It must be something that the character must achieve (or fail to do so) in a certain amount of time. If it can’t be measured, then the goal isn’t strong enough to hook your viewers. Have a setting that fits the story you want to tell. Don’t forget about the dialogue too. Add some personality to every character’s dialogue and make it believable.


  1. Choose a good filming location




Filming locations can be pretty expensive, especially if the film has several settings. Moving from one location to another can be time consuming and expensive. Try to reduce the amount of locations if possible. One example of a good film that has a limited location is Night of the Living Dead. Most of the events happened in a limited location and yet the movie turned out well. This is due to the fact that George Romero made great use of the locations available and split the actors up in different parts of the location. In some cases, films may also take place in just one location and you need to find the perfect filming location. But this is usually hard to pull off, as it puts more focus on the dialogue and your actors. The script must be really good.


  1. Get a good cheap camera


Find a camera that will suit the needs of your movie. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes a digital camera will do. Look out for ones with a high resolution and a good lens. If you know how to compose a good shot, then the audience won’t be bothered if your camera isn’t one of the expensive ones.


  1. Add music to your movie


Adding sound effects to a movie helps create ambiance or effect for the scene. Without that sound, viewers might find something ‘off’ in the movie. A clean sound will improve the quality of your film. Music, as in the soundtracks added to a film can help evoke certain emotions to a particular scene. A sober tone might give the audience a sense of sadness akin to the characters, while a fast-paced track during an action or chase scene will give your audience a sense of thrill.


  1. Get the right actors for your film




You might be tempted to get your friends as actors to save up on costs, but unless they’re trained actors this is usually a bad idea. This might even end up hurting your film instead. It is important that you should hire real actors for the film. Your friends might know how to say their lines, but they might not know what to do when a camera is pointed at them.  Actors know how to display emotion and act in front of a camera. Hold an audition for your cast. Find actors in your local theatre schools.


  1. Use social media


Social media can be a great tool for getting a low budget film noticed. You can use this to create a loyal fan-base that will support you and your films. Create accounts on Facebook or Twitter where you can post updates of your current film. Having an environment where fans can talk and share about your movie is a good way of getting noticed by producers that would help you in funding your film.


  1. Keep doing what you love

As a filmmaker, you need to love what you’re doing. If you don’t put your heart in the film you’re making, then it would n’t be as good as it should be. Keep making your own films. Having several films under your belt will help you make a brand for yourself. This is also a good way of having your next feature film, as people would more likely support you if you already have a product beforehand.



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