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Founded in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Lights On Location (L.O.L) is the first and largest directory of filming locations today. This is where you can list your residential and non-residential properties for filming location use.

If you are a film location scout, location manager, photographer, director, or producer, this is your online property resource where you can find the perfect location for a movie, commercial, or photo shooting locations for rent. Properties included in our selection of locations are commercial and industrial buildings, residential locations, and more.

Property Owners

Have you ever wondered how to offer your house for movies and commercial shoots while earning BIG from production companies? It’s actually pretty easy. You just have to register your property as a filming location. We at L.O.L. make this step easier for you.

Registering your property for filming here on L.O.L. is as simple as posting a classified ad. All you have to do is visit our website, log in, and list your property in our film location directory.

Whether you own a small non-residential store, an old rundown residential apartment, a simple average house, or an upscale Mansion, L.O.L. will introduce and match your film shooting location to production teams across the world, that are eagerly and willingly looking to pay thousands of dollars per day for a location like yours. Think about the thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Commercials, Magazines, etc that are made each day. Now think of the MILLIONS of scenes within each of those productions. Scenes of the living room, kitchen, driveway, office, front entrance, back yard, bedroom, garage, warehouse, store, etc.

Location Scouts, Managers and Production Teams

For production teams, location scouts and managers-it’s now easy to find a film location within your budget.

Scouting for the perfect location, whether for a film or a photo shoot scene, has always been a challenging task. Now, L.O.L. makes that easier with its directory of filming locations. You can locate areas that match your needs with our specific browsing feature.

Imagine being able to search a filming property directory and finding filming locations based on SPECIFIC criteria and characteristics. Whether you’re scouting to find a movie location that has something as simple a swimming pool or fireplace, or finding something more challenging like an in-house elevator or a 1970s kitchen, LOL’s advanced searching allows you to select filter options that fit your filming crew’s needs. Think of it as the Yelp or Kayak of Film Locations.

How to Rent My Property for Filming

How to Find a Filming Location

What is the reason for L.O.L’s success and why do both property owners and the entertainment industry prefer Lights On Location™? Due to both our large and diverse directory of Non-Residential Locations, along with our large network of partners in the production industry, L.O.L. has made itself one of the top websites for finding film locations. We are passionate and take pride in the number of corrections we continue to make between film location owners, and Production teams who research and inspect where to find filming locations that perfectly fit their needs.


Location Fees:

Property owners can earn $5,000 to $20,000 per day in location fees for filming, depending on the property’s size, exclusivity, and demand.


Property Value Increase:

Properties featured in popular films or TV shows often experience a surge in value and can see up to a 35% increase in value.


Tourism Revenue:

Property owners typically experience a 20% to 50% increase in annual revenue after their location is featured prominently in a popular film or TV series.